Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Golden Jellyfish

This golden jellyfish are sting less. You can safely swim with them. And unlike other species that are passive, this Golden jellyfish are active. Before sunrise, the this jellyfish cluster along the saltwater lake’s western shore. When dawn brightens the eastern sky, they begin to swim toward the light.
Solar rays nourish essential, algae-like organisms called zooxanthellae, which live symbiotically in the jellies’ tissues and provide their hosts with energy as a byproduct of their photosynthesis.

Golden jellyfish rest relatively contentedly in place at midday when the tropical sun remains high overhead.And each afternoon, the jellies reverse course and return to the western shore to await the dawning of another day.


  1. I am amazed about the underwater world

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  3. Stunning experiences you had:) keep it up!

  4. The jellyfish looks very pretty. I want to hold one. But I think it stings. Thanks for commenting on my post :)

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